Typical Fence Issues that Needs to Be Repaired Immediately

If you want to have a long-lasting fence, it is important to maintain it regularly. Even if fences made out of high-quality materials still have to be maintained. Not all fences are similarly made. Depending on what fence type you have, it may become susceptible to particular kinds of issues. Making sure that your fence is in optimal condition is essential since this can help secure your pets, family, and especially your property. Here’s a list of the following fence issues that are common today, which needs to be attended right away.? 

Mildewed fences 

One of the typical issues for vinyl and wood fences include mildew. Your fences will always be subjected to the elements. As a result, mold and mildew can potentially buildup, most especially in rainy and humid places. One of the best countermeasures about this issue is to stain your wooden fence. This is to secure it from acquiring mildew easily. But, when mildew persists, you can help remove any mildew stains by power washing your fence.? 

In terms of cleaning vinyl fences, you can use water and soap along with a power washer to help return thee fence to how it looked like before as if it’s new once again, giving a fresh and shiny look.? 

Leaning or sagging fences 

A sagging or leaning fence must be attended to as soon as you can. This won’t just destroy your home’s aesthetic, but it can also place your property at risk. Your house can be targeted due to the easy access that a leaning fence gives.? 

It’s vital to know what caused your fence to lean or sag. Sometimes, it can be due to heavy winds and soil conditions in your place. Once your fence moved due to heavy winds, make sure to get it back to its position before. Perhaps you need to install a brace or tension rod to provide your fence more back up that it requires.? 

Damage due to rot 

If you are a wood fence owner, one of your major enemies would be rot. Since some wood fences are way more rot-resistant compared to others, the weather will take a toll on them over time. Rot affects the appearance of your fence. However, it also compromises the strength and safety of the fence. Fences can get 2 kinds of rot.? 

  • Dry rot happens when the fence is exposed to extremely dry and hot temperatures. In this case, your fence is dried out by the wind and sun, and the wood’s protective oils are dried out as well. Once your fence gets crumbly and dry, perhaps you are experiencing dry rot.? 
  • On the other hand, wet rot usually happens at the base of your fence, where the wood gets in contact with the wet earth. You will observe that your wood will start to soften and crack. Sometimes, a weird and musty smell will accompany it.? 

In the event you experience such issues in your fences, make sure to contact the best fencing Portland Oregon company today.?