No property owner would love hearing strange noises that come from their septic pipes. If you hear weird noises, they are most likely because your home’s septic system is malfunctioning. Once you can observe a gurgling sound after flushing your toilet, perhaps you’re facing a serious septic system issue on your hands. Here are a few basic details that can help you determine the red flag noises in your septic system and what you can do to make sure that a certain problem won’t eventually turn into uncontrollable damage. 

Meaning of a gurgling septic system 

Once the gurgling noises start to emit from your drains, toilets, and pipes, this is the beginning of a difficult septic system. Weird noises from your plumbing may indicate that your septic system is almost full already and has started to back up. Once your tank is full of solid waste, it will fail to function well. As a result, it can instantly cause problems that can be hazardous for your home and risk your health as well.   

Risks of not pumping your septic tank 

Failing to keep up your septic system won’t just result in total plumbing failure because of clogged up pipes. It can also provide risks such as drain field failure, foul smells that come from the drains, and exposure to the accumulation of waste in the home.  

Is it a failing septic drain field? 

Gurgling noises don’t always mean that your septic tank is already or almost full. Sometimes, drain field failure can be the underlying reason why these weird noises take place. Your drain field is what holds onto wastewater since it’s evenly distributed amongst the area that surrounds it. This will never be an issue once your drain field is properly working.  

But, drain field malfunctions once the water pools in the field for a long duration. Typically, water overload happens due to property owners who overload their septic tanks with excessive water. Once the drain field cannot dry out, sludge will start to develop within the trench, hindering the system to properly function.  

Tips to avoid gurgling 

When you’ve got a septic tank, it would be best if you make sure that it’s properly maintained to avoid the gurgling sound that represents the imminent arch-nemesis of your septic system. Using septic pumping Jacksonville FL service by the experts at least once per year may seem to be too much, but it can actually help in making sure that the plumbing functions of your home will properly function for several years to come. Also, you need to make a habit of reminding your family members about what can and can’t be poured down the drain. Once improper items are flushed down, they can immediately result in septic failures and clogs

Contact a trusted and expert septic company today 

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