A lot of property owners perform a healthy routine septic system maintenance every 4 years. Bit, what we fail to realize is that our septic system actually works hard for our homes. Even the pros even say that our home septic systems need to be attended at least once per month. Your septic tank may require a bit of tender, love, and care. However, there are times when reaching out to a septic service provider is not a budget-friendly option. Once you see that your tank looks a bit nasty between pumps, then make sure to consider trying the following home remedies that can possibly help your septic system to keep properly operating until your next maintenance service.  

Prevent antibacterial chemicals and soaps 

Remember that what you put into your tank can directly affect your septic system’s condition. A lot of people are aware of which items should never be flushed down the drain. However, many products can surely leave most people in shock due to how it can damage your septic system.  

Sure, chemicals such as bleach and even antibacterial soaps are claimed to be one of the best ways to keep up the hygiene and plumbing if their restroom. You need to be reminded that septic tanks are intended to thrive on bacteria for it to properly function. Hence, such kinds of products only wind up compromising their job as they can prevent the tank waste’s natural breakdown while killing off bacteria. 

Put baking soda 

If you want a quick solution to maintain a healthy septic system, you can combine a ½ cup of vinegar and a ¼ cup of baking soda. Then, directly put this solution down your drains. This is a simple solution to keep the grime and dirt out of your shockingly delicate system.  

Use vinegar to clear out your septic system mainline 

One of the easiest means of guaranteeing that your mainline will be kept clean is to create a vinegar mixture and apply it to your septic system once per month. This mixture is pretty simple to prep as you only need 1-gallon jug, scalding water, and white distilled vinegar.  

On your 1-gallon jug, pour ½ gallon of boiling water with and ½ gallon of a distilled vinegar. Combine and mix up the contents well. Then, pour this solution down your toilet, which is nearest to the mainline of your septic system. After you pour it, make sure to flush it and then flush once more in the morning.   

This cleaning solution can help in breaking down any blockages and even deal with your cooking grease that could result in extreme septic system damage.  

Get your septic systems pumped by pros 

An overfilled septic tank is the last thing any property owner would want to have and deal with. This situation is not just messy, it can also create health risks for everyone living close to the system. To prevent this from happening, avail of septic tank pumping Jacksonville FL service from the pros today.