Now that the holidays are fast approaching, never forget to give your septic tank some TLC. The last thing you want to experience this thanksgiving would be to waste your family time worrying about a nasty issue about a backed-up septic system. So, it would be best to prevent this from happening in advance. Check out and consider doing the following holiday tips that will surely make you home packed with fun times and not a malfunctioning septic tank: 

Go disposable 

Why won’t you consider avoiding washing the dishes with water and just use disposable things? If you don’t have any problem with utilizing disposable alternatives to cutlery and dishes, then, you can definitely help save your tank space by all means. If you want to achieve this during the holiday season, then make sure to use this alternative way.? 

Ready your food in advance 

The holiday season is all about huge meals. One of the things that are usually ignored is the duration it would take to prepare the food for your family to consume and relish in. As the start preparation won’t affect your septic system, the dishwashing after your preparation will most likely take a toll on it.? 

Be mindful of what product goes down your toilet 

All of us need to remember that your toilet is intended for toilet paper and bodily waste—that’s it. Hence, you should not use your toilet as a trash can this thanksgiving and holiday season. Even though items like Q-tips and flushable wipes may seem to be harmless, they can actually be a bad contribution to your septic tanks. As much as possible, make sure to just dispose of such items properly on their designated trash bins to prevent septic system issues.? 

Refuse to shower simultaneously to save room in your septic tank 

When your house is the hub for Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations and you have a big family, there’s a great possibility that your septic system can overload easily. A lot of people fail to realize that your tank gathers water from many household appliances such as your dishwasher and showers.? 

Once your home turns out to be a home for your relatives, make sure to decide when each one of you can bathe or take a shower. Make sure to take turns when showering and request your guests to be mindful of their showering duration. This way, you are placing a lot less pressure on your septic system throughout the holidays.? 

Book for a septic tank maintenance and pumping 

Planning is key if you want to experience a stress-free and fun holiday season. One of the considerations that need to be attended to is to have your septic tank checked by expert?Jacksonville plumbers. If your septic tank is almost full, make sure to have it pumped as soon as possible to prevent it from being full. Reach us today to book your needed septic system services with our plumbing and septic system experts.? ?